Willingness Ingot Ring

$ 159.00

"The willingness to grow is the essence of all spiritual development."
Bill W.

Willingness is the key that opens the new and makes the future different than the past. When we are willing, change is possible, when we are willing, the path becomes that much more clear, and we are able to move forward.

These rough-hewn, raw and hefty rings are cast in weighty chunks of sterling silver or brass. The letters are cast (rather than stamped) in the metal for permanence.

Fearless Inventory's pieces are designed to keep you connected to you path. They nudge and engage you through your day. The pendant's substantial weight serves as a reminder of its presence even when tucked from view. The textures are designed to invite your touch. Multiple Ingots can be worn together, and their gentle ringing will recall your purpose. Designed and handmade in NYC they carry our mark on the reverse.

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