About Fearless Inventory

Fearless Inventory is a New York City-based venture aimed at promoting positivity, community and empowerment.  The effort emerged directly from my personal recovery journey, and reflects the inspiration I gained by witnessing the strength of those around me.

I started making jewelry to support and celebrate the transformation of friends who have also struggled with addiction. But as I shared my first samples, I soon discovered that people beyond the recovery community wanted these pieces—almost everyone is trying to make a miraculous change in their life.

Our line of talismans and totems is meant to boost to your miracle, whatever challenge you are facing or triumph you are celebrating. Our jewelry helps keep you true to your intentions and honors your progress along your path. Fearless Inventory pieces are intentionally weighty and sonorous: each gentle bump or sound prompts positive awareness of your purpose, your milestones.

Fearless donates part of its profits to the 
Phoenix House, an organization that aids individuals and families affected by substance abuse through prevention, treatment, and recovery programs.

Each Fearless Inventory piece is designed, cast, polished, and packaged in New York City. We employ artisan silver-workers who hand-craft each piece. Every single necklace, bracelet, and charm is unique and individually cast using a lost-wax process. The raw castings are then lapped, oxidized or polished by hand. The finished pieces are boxed, tied with linen twine, and then stamped with our seal—uniquely ready for you, and your purpose.

Yours truly,
Amir B., founder