Reflections "Fearless" Pendant and Chain

$ 275.00
Who among us is truly fearless? Is there anyone who never knows fear? Perhaps not, but we all know what it feels like to act without fear, and through those actions, we experience fearlessness. The more you shun your fear and take action, the more fearless you become. When the fear grips you, look in the mirror and remind yourself "I am fearless." About the Reflections Series: Inspired by the eroded and water worn look of buried treasure, these pendants have a worrystone-like surface, slightly concave, that begs to be touched, a comfort to hold. Each pendant has a word inscribed that can only be read when one is looking in the mirror, a private reminder to self reflect and continually take a fearless inventory. Comes on an 18" sterling silver box chain. Marked with "925" the international nomenclature for sterling silver. Designed and handmade in NYC they carry our mark on the reverse.

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