Reflections "Courage" Pendant and Chain

$ 275.00
The courage to change the things we can. There is so much in this world over which we are powerless--the weather, the timing of the traffic lights, the moods of those we encounter throughout the day. And then there is what we can change: ourselves. We can change our outlook from gloomy to sunny, we can go instead of stop, we can turn our frown upside down. More easily said than done. And so this pendant. Whenever you flag or sag or just feel unequal to the task, look in the mirror and say to yourself "Courage." And then Act! About the Reflections Series: Inspired by the eroded and water worn look of buried treasure, these pendants have a worrystone-like surface, slightly concave, that begs to be touched, a comfort to hold. Each pendant has a word inscribed that can only be read when one is looking in the mirror, a private reminder to self reflect and continually take a fearless inventory. Comes on an 18" sterling silver box chain. Marked with "925" the international nomenclature for sterling silver. Designed and handmade in NYC they carry our mark on the reverse.