Ruby Totem Ring

$ 85.00
These rings go over the totem pole and help it to evolve as you evolve. Rings can be mixed with each other or with the cylinder that comes with the totem pole. In the Sanskrit language ruby is called "ratnaraj", which translates as "King of Gemstones". Beyond its beauty its is revered for providing protection from misfortune and bad health. So prized were its powers that in the Far East rubies were laid beneath the foundation of buildings, to secure good fortune to the structure. About the Totems: An alternative to coins or tokens, the Totem pole is a way to mark time in an elegant and timeless way. Each pole can accommodate seven rings, which are available in ruby, diamond, and get a choice of ruby, diamond, saphire. three holes with a jewel in one of the holes. Designed and handmade in NYC.